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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit She’s Set Free!


The Holy Spirit captivated my heart at the age of 12 in a chapel service at the Christian School I attended in Miami, Florida. Since then, I’ve held onto His promises while overcoming brokenness and bondage in my own life, learning to live fully free in Him.

In 2008, I graduated from Trinity International University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry. Shortly thereafter I moved to Atlanta, GA, to marry my husband, Trey. I have taught the Word of God both professionally and in service to my church & family.


Trey and I now live in Franklin, TN  with our two children, Bear and Hartley Grace. He works for Dave Ramsey and I'm a MOPS Network Speaker and Podcaster.


I love speaking life into mommas who may be weary and worn out reminding them that everything they need is found in Him!

My one hope for you is that you will recognize any and all bondage in your life so that you can bring it to the altar of the Lord and receive the breakthrough only He provides; when you realize your breakthrough and start living the life of freedom God intends, your best future will be in front of you!


To the woman battling body image issues, I see you.


Or the one mothering a special needs child in a not so understanding world, I see you.


To those struggling with being from a broken home and trying to not repeat it, I see you.


If you have debt up to your ears and don’t see a way out, I see you.


For my teenage sister thinking this world would be better off without her, I see you.


If you are a SAHM who thinks you have no value, I see you.


I see you because I was you, and now I am on the other side.


I pray you are leaving behind broken chains soon too.


Here’s to finding your free!

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