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Mountain Moments

Recently, my husband accepted a new position with a different company, a decision that required us to relocate. This was my first out of state move since being married and having kids (and a pup). It was quite the adventure, but nothing that a few sedatives couldn't handle. Not for me, mind you, as I was driving!

Prior to the "official" move, my son and I made an impromptu trip up to Tennessee. The movers were ahead of schedule which meant they would arrive a day earlier than we planned. No big deal, except this would be my first trip conquering Monteagle behind the wheel. I was adamant that my husband get home from work early enough so that I could get over the mountain while it was still daylight. I don't know about y'all but traveling an unknown road can be quite intimidating to me.

As it turned out, not only did I not beat the mountain before nightfall, but it poured down rain. The kind of rain that leaves you questioning whether the makers of the windshield wipers left out the highest setting on my mom mobile--blinding rain to say the least. My son was in the car so the stakes were high. I recall gripping the steering wheel so tightly asking Jesus to take the wheel in my best Carrie Underwood voice. Which, by the way, sounds like a dying cat trying to escape its impending fate.

Just as soon as I secured my grip, my son asked me to turn on Alive by Hillsong Young and Free. Sarcastically I stated, "great timing son." Under my breath I stated, the only thing keeping us ALIVE at the moment is my death grip on the steering wheel and my eyes wide open to the road before us. Unfortunately, we were no longer in Georgia so I couldn't get away with throwing the hands free law at him. So, very carefully, I managed to swipe up, scroll down, and press play. Then I hear:

In the midst of the darkest night Let Your love be the shining light Breaking chains that were holding me You sent Your Son down and set me free...

I was living out a dark moment, both figuratively and literally. Just pass the surface level, there was something deeper in me that was bringing out the anxiousness of the night. I was battling the chains of fear. If we are honest here, we all have a chain. Depending on how you view your chain, it can be a weapon to wipe you out or a means to point you back to dependence on your Maker. While Jesus's nail pierced hands weren't literally steering the wheel, He was holding me. On that night, fear didn't paralyze me but rather propelled me to keep pushing. That my friends is victory. I broke my chain, it didn't break me. I've learned victory isn't God moving the mountain out of my life but rather overcoming it with me. Day by day, climb by climb. The same is true for you. Our ability to lean into God, cling to His Truth and walk out the Word is what enables us to claim victory. As you face your mountain, don't look for a detour; seek the One who has called you, equips you and holds you!

I'd like to close by saying we have settled in nicely. We love our charming new town. It's quite special here!


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