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Princess or Practical?

It was a sunny, Saturday morning and my husband and I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the park. With excitement in their voices, jumping up and down, they agreed aloud that "this was the best day ever"... proof that it doesn't take much to thrill our kids.

My kids went to their rooms to get dressed while I changed out of my pajamas into workout clothes--from comfort to comfort (it's how I roll out of bed, to the gym, to the grocery store and everywhere in between). And all of the SAHM's shouted A-M-E-N!

As I was putting my shoes on, Little Miss Sassy Southerner comes walking into my room dressed in her Elsa dress and her newest sparkly, bunny slip on shoes. My husband and I chuckled and I looked at her and said, "baby, are you going for practical or for princess." She said, "I want to go just like this, practical."

Her response prompted the Holy Spirit to speak so heavily to my heart. To my 3 year old, practical meant princess and it included the royal ensemble (tiara, hair bow, dress, and the sparkly shoes). She wasn't the least bit concerned that her outfit caused her to look out of place as we walked along the path of the "enchanted forest," or that the heat would cause her dress to stick to her instead of flowing in the breeze with every graceful step she took, because she knows who she is and who she belongs to. If mommy and daddy said, "sure baby," then that was all the affirmation she needed to carry on.

Wife, Single mom, Working mom, Stay at home mom, Work at home mom--who told you to take off your royal wardrobe and settle for something mediocre? Who told you that you weren't worthy enough to wear a crown? Who told you that outfit looked ridiculous on you? Who devalued you based on your outward beauty?

Please hear me friend. They are all lies. They are lies I allowed the enemy to make me believe for years, and they are just not true.

You are a daughter of the One True Living King, and He calls you to enter His Royal Court desiring that you would know Whose you are! "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light!" 1 Peter 2:9

Since we are God's chosen people, we are literally heirs to all that He has. And as heirs, girlfriend, it's ok if we decide to have an "air" about us. As long as we keep our hearts in check then we should feel comfortable to be the most honest version of ourselves in all things, including our appearance.

Do me a favor friend, dust off your tiara and crown yourself, press your royal dress, slip into it and zip it up, and lastly, put on your fancy sparkly shoes and walk with your head held high. Be confident that the work He is doing in you He is faithful to complete it!(Philippians 1:6)

You are worthy of every good thing He has for you!


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